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Audie Kemp, an incredible resource to Ring-Co

Audie Kemp is a paraplegic due to a misdiagnosed tumor on his spine at age five. Audie used that unfortunate diagnosis as a catapult for his passion and his occupation. As a NuMotion ATP (Assistive Technology Professional), he is an expert in qualifying his client’s disability or difficulty and aiding in the selection of necessary equipment. He played wheelchair basketball and is a board member for the RHI Sports Program contributing his 30+ years’ experience with adaptive sports. 

Audie has been an incredible resource to Ring-Co in the development of the TUC. His expertise has been especially appreciated when considering operator transfer. Ring-Co is using his suggestions to design current and future versions of the TUC to be easily adapted for special seating or specific needs of individuals with disabilities, degenerative diseases, and spinal cord injuries.

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