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Ring-Co’s 2018 TUC introduces new features

The year 2017 will always be special for Ring-Co as we introduced our tracked utility carrier (TUC). It was a year of challenge, of triumph, of teamwork, and of promise. Mostly, it was rewarding. We loved being able to watch the disable veterans and the thrill-seekers of our world discover a way they could be, not simply mobile, but adventurous.

As we started planning for what our customers said they wanted from their TUC in 2018, it became clear that the TUC can be used for business, recreation, and overall healthy living in ways we couldn’t have imagined.


Intentional Innovation

We were delighted that not only were people using the TUC, they wanted to tell us their ideas, and we’re more than happy to continue to develop our TUC so that it pushes limits. After all, that’s our biggest wish for our product, but more importantly, our customers—that they don’t let “limits” stop them from living the life they have always wanted.

To enhance the TUC for 2018, we made sure to talk to and collaborate with everyone, across disciplines and industries, to create something that fits the unique needs of our customers. In the same way we want to remove limits for our customers, we try not to limit ourselves in our creativity, our research, and our product.

Our team began the morning at 8:30am, setting up the booth and making sure it would be in tip-top shape for visitors. Under sunny skies, attendees were able to interact with the TUC, as well as have plenty of access to more information about the vehicle and its upcoming release. Veterans and their family members also shared plenty of stories with each other and our team.

Ring-Co wants to express their gratitude to all of the people that helped make this event so successful, along with a special thanks to Cpt. Cates and SSG Pedro for their assistance with set-up, and last, but not least, to Gen. Carr for stopping by and visiting with our TUC team.

Beyond freedom and flexibility

“Freedom” and “flexibility” were the two biggest goals we wanted the TUC to help our customers reach. For 2018, we’re diving into ways we can better reach those goals through redefining safety, making the TUC easier to use than ever before, and encouraging customers to take their TUC off-the-beaten-path.

Safety First – Safety is the foundation of the TUC, and as we heard of all of the unique ways people were using their TUC, we started thinking about how we could anticipate, even surpass, someone’s idea of safety while using their TUC. Here are some of the changes we made to enhance safety:

●    Lower seat height for easier transfer
●    Lower collapsed height fits into cargo van for safer transport
●   Approach and departure angles improved for navigation of ramps and obstacles

Easier to Use – We rely on all the machines we use in our everyday lives, from our cars to our mobile devices, to be easy and convenient. To that end, here are some ways we changed the TUC to make it easier than ever to enjoy:

●    The overall length and height has been reduced—can now fit through a standard doorway and into the back of a shortbed truck
●    Lowered step height
●    Replace the round tube ROPS with a foldable square ROPS bar for easy attachment points
●    Our quick-attach system has gone from “patent-pending” to officially patented

Built for adventure – We created TUC to provide freedom and flexibility to our customers. As it turns out, when people are feeling free and flexible, it’s easier to have fun! TUC was always intended to be a machine that was fun to use, and we have heard that people are now wanting to use the TUC as part of an experience, similar to vehicles like ATVs and Dune Buggies. For 2018, we wanted to make it so that the TUC provides even more fun and entertaining for our customers by adding:

●    More power to the ground
●    Higher HP engine provides increased towing capacity
●    Update from diesel-powered to gasoline-powered—a more accessible fuel


We are excited for what lies ahead in 2018, and we remain committed to proving that the things that some people find ordinary have the potential to be extraordinary. And we hope the people who use our product can say the same thing about themselves and their lives while using a TUC. 

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