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The TUC Team Makes the Cover!

Our TUC team made the cover of March issue of The Gad-A-Bout, a monthly publication by Kentucky Colonel Ray Dickerson. Read all about Ring-Co’s TUC and an introduction to Chuck Lee, our Director of Veteran Affairs. This magazine covers topics on hunting, fishing, archery, camping, cooking, travel, news, and more. You can find it in local grocery, convenience and hunting/fishing stores throughout Indiana or download the digital version from their website.  


In The Gad-A-Bout, you can find information about about a BBQ festival, products and gear for the upcoming hunting or fishing season, and read all about Ring-Co’s TUC and the man who helped inspire it: Chuck Lee. 

Check out an exerpt of the article:
If you belong to an organization who is searching for a good cause to help someone who needs help, look no further. Our disabled Veterans, although they may not admit it, desperately need help. Chuck Lee: […] “his passion to save the lives of American veterans who is struggling in the debilitating depression that stems from their disability. He emotionally explained how the physical inability paralyzed hope and the desire to live, then how he joyfully expressed the relief and freedom a tracked chair provided those stuck inside four walls, or trapped within the memories of what once was. Reiterating one story after another of how the tracked chairs Chuck and Annette had sold changed the lives of his fellow disabled veterans by abating suicidal thoughts and enabling them to enjoy life again.”

When Chuck Lee and his wife Annette made contact with Tricia and Chad Ringer and Jarrett Waters in that pole barn that chilly night in Johnson County, a perfect bond materialized before them. I saw that bond myself when I met all of them in that same pole barn on January 26, 2018. 


To read this The Gad-A-Bout article in its entirety, click here.

To see The Gad-A-Bout publication in full, click here.

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