The Digital Difference

The TUC, tracked utility carrier, is about combining utility with efficiency. What makes the TUC different from other work and utility vehicles is the integrated digital technology which creates a new standard for safety, performance, and getting work done. 


User Experience

  • One-handed operation through joystick drive technology
  • Push button engine start and stop for strain free operation
  • Full color display with push buttons and directional navigation pad
Engine preset modes
  • Work - low speed with tight controls for confined environments
  • Utility - comfortable speed, responsive turning and towing torque
  • Sport - quick enough to put a smile on our face
Adjustable Parameters
  • Acceleration can be varied to ensure a comfortable ride
  • Deceleration can be varied to ensure a comfortable stop
  • Throttle can be varied in some modes to reduce sound emissions
  • LED headlights for superior visibility
  • LED worklights illuminate implements and tools
  • Day and Night back lighting on color display


  • Provides precise dynamic throttle control
  • Electronic Fuel Injection for fine performance applications
Fuel Conservation
  • Variable throttle reduces fuel consumption at low speed
  • Eco Mode provides adjustable Start/Stop technology
  • Electronically controlled hydraulics maximize efficiencies
Application Specific Tuning
  • Preset Modes provide platforms for varying applications
  • Custom Mode allows complete access to operation variables
  • Display and joystick function as control points for implements


Service Mode

  • Limits speed and turning to ensure operator and machine safety
  • Uses Inertial Measurement Unit to prevent flip and tip scenarios
  • Operator Presence switch triggers Service Mode and faster deceleration
Passcode Lock
  • Splash Screen Lock requires passcode prior to allowing operation
  • Settings Screen Lock requires passcode to alter machine variable
  • Passcodes can be reset and customized to operator preference
Failure Mitigation
  • Battery Protection cuts power at low voltage to ensure startup
  • Emergency Mode allows driving if Engine RPM sensor fails
  • Display Drive uses the D-Pad to drive if joystick is inoperable
Environmental Protections
  • Components rated for harsh industrial environments
  • Electronic components are dirt and dust proof
  • Components can withstand high pressure wash down


Vehicle Controls

  • Relay controlled functions simplify wiring and reduce power draw
  • High reliability and established parameters are industry standard
  • Technician connection points allow access to all system variables
Full Color Display Screens
  • MVEC Screen displays self-diagnosing fuse box's fault codes
  • Monitor all functions for necessary operation
  • Event Detection data stored for non-routine machine maintenance
  • Reliable, industry proven electrical components
  • Standard components allow for quick service and replacement
  • System allows for automatic calibration of replaced components

scalable future

Remote Control

  • Add-on modules to control the TUC remotely
  • Allows TUC to be operated separate from the user
  • Wireless Technology allows for safe operating range
  • Machine usage and reliability monitoring
  • Remote vehicle updates and diagnostics
  • Allows for global tracking and enhanced warranty visibility
GPS guidance
  • Autonomous control through satellite positioning
  • Geo Fencing alerts if TUC operates outside of designated area
  • Precise vehicle operation for agriculture and special purposes

The Mechanical Difference

The TUC, tracked utility carrier, features comfort seating, a powerful engine and a patented quick-attach system. TUC - a new standard for safety, performance, ride quality and implement attachments for all-terrain vehicles.


  • Integrated track suspension absorbs rough terrain while maintaining vehicle stability
  • Air-ride seat with fully adjustable features and lumbar support to ensure all-day comfort
  • Engine is isolated from the chassis to reduce vibrations and noise during operation
  • Sound and thermal insulation used to improve the operating experience


  • 37 HP Briggs & Stratton Engine provides plenty of power to get the work done
  • Load sensing hydraulics provide efficient "on-demand" power to the tracks
  • Hydraulics are designed for maximum efficiency with minimum noise
  • Integrated Patented Quick-Attach for CAT 1 3pt or Loader implements
  • Rugged frame and track design for maximum off-road performance


  • ROPS designed to Roll Over Protection standards to ensure operator safety
  • Parking Brake engages automatically when joystick is not in operation
  • Integrated hydraulic level and temperature sensors
  • Protective panels reduce pinch hazards and flying debris


  • Easy access to all service points: mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical
  • Simple routine maintenance
  • Track bushings designed for harsh conditions and long service intervals
  • Backed by 1 year bumper-to-bumper warranty